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Writing on the Wall – My Personal Recollections

I love writing poetry.

Just the thought of putting pen to paper, creating and sharing poetry with a wider audience, is not just fulfilling, but it is also a labour of love. Poetry has changed my life, as it allows me to enjoy being creative and sharing my content with an audience, through performance, by expressing myself from an artistic perspective. An added bonus is that I have met many interesting people, all through my hobby and love of poetry.

On a warm and hot Saturday earlier this month, I had the pleasure of attending Maghull’s Mega Poetry Slam. Held at the Maghull Literacy Festival, the slam was based on the Writing on the Wall stage, and involved competing with other local poets, for the chance to win a £50 cash prize, and become Maghull’s Mega Poetry Slam Champion of 2016. Having performed open-mic poetry with the Dead Good Poets Society in Liverpool, I could not resist this opportunity to recite and listen to poetry, meet other like-minded people, and have fun at the same time.

The poetry slam was entertaining for me. Despite narrowly going out early on, I thoroughly enjoyed this first-time experience, and the terrific works of my fellow slammers, as I listened, laughed, and was even beautifully moved. If I have a recollection of the poetry slam, it would be standing on the Writing of the Wall stage, reciting my poetry, with the warm sun shining down on me.

In addition to the poetry slam, there were also talks from other writers. These included Sally-Anne Tapia-Bowes, Alan Gibbons, Mandy Coe and Levi Tafari who spoke with enthusiasm and humour. Each one talked about their respective backgrounds, and how they got into writing. I learned from them all, that writing is not only hard work, but also of the importance to write constantly, which I can relate to as a poet and blogger.20160806_154036

I enjoyed listening to them all, but Levi Tafari certainly captured my attention. As a Liverpool-born poet of Jamaican parents, Levi captured the audience’s attention with a stage presence and performance so mesmerising and sublime, that I was hooked. When I looked around, I saw other festival attendees flocking to the stage to listen.

I would like to thank everyone from Writing on the Wall, all the writers, fellow poetry slammers and authors, for a terrific afternoon of entertainment, writing wisdom and fun.

Writing this article has brought back warm memories of the festival. I loved every moment of it, and as I think about my experiences of the Poetry Slam, I am delighted as a writer, to share this with you all.