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Ubiquity City Social – Food & Drink SUCCESS Code Showcase

Do you enjoy listening to the stories of others?

One of the joys of networking for me, is listening and learning from the stories of experienced people. Through attending events, I have been inspired and touched by the stories told, drawn from speakers’ experiences in business and in life, especially when they have encountered and overcome adversity.

At this month’s Ubiquity City Social event at Rocket & Ruby in Liverpool, I was privileged to listen to two great speakers in Steve McNicholas and Andy Grant. Not only are both successful, but what made them stand out was how they have encountered and conquered adversity, by taking and rolling with the punches, to become successful speakers and best-selling authors. I was really looking forward to listening to their stories, and I was not to be disappointed.

Steve McNicholas

With three decades in business, Steve gave a fascinating insight into his personal journey, which encompassed the theme of “brown envelopes”. This is because Steve has encountered and conquered several challenges from failing school exams and suffering the indignity of redundancy, to become a successful business consultant, coach and author, with his second book Unlock the Success Code only recently published. Steve has a burning hot passion to help others and raise money for MS, which is a cause very close to his heart, and one that deserves support.

Andy’s story was not only unique, but also inspiring and emotional. As a Royal Marine, Andy suffered serious injuries in a bomb attack in Afghanistan in 2009, resulting in his right leg being amputated, along with sustaining other serious injuries. To overcome such a harrowing experience and become a highly successful motivational speaker, takes courage and heart, and listening to Andy talk about how he turned his life around and achieve so much was incredibly moving. Since then, Andy has gone on to become the fastest 10k single leg amputee in the world, and has also given motivational talks to schools, organisations, charities and even the England football team. In addition, Andy has written a best-selling book called, You’ll Never Walk, which tells his personal story.

As well as being great speakers, and having written successful books, I also noticed other similarities between Steve and Andy. For instance, I was impressed with how both speakers were humble, humorous and approachable to listen and chat with. Both showed a desire and willingness to help others, which is important in business and in life. I also recognised how both Steve and Andy were determined and took ownership, which is very important to improve your personal and professional life.

I also enjoyed the surroundings of Rocket and Ruby. With delicious food and drink, pleasant surroundings and plenty of networking, this made for an interesting and enjoyable evening. It was also good to catch up with several familiar faces, including some I had not seen for a long while.

In conclusion, I loved every moment of the evening. As with all of Ubiquity’s events, this one was not only great for networking, but also to listen, be inspired and moved by Steve and Andy’s experiences. This was an experience that I shall treasure, and I admire how both Steve and Andy have shown inspiration and courage in the face of adversity, and by taking ownership and learning from their individual experiences, they are both a credit to themselves, and an inspiration to others. Indeed, what I have learned is the first step to success, is to take personal responsibility for everything you do.

I would like to thank Joel Jelen and everyone at Ubiquity PR, along with the staff at Rocket and Ruby. Finally, I would also like to thank both Steve and Andy for sharing their inspirational stories, which all contributed together for a lovely event.

Ubiquity City Social – Modigliani Opera Exhibition

Following on from my last article, I would like to share with you a second art-themed post. This is about a networking event in Liverpool that I attended recently, which featured an art exhibition that was educational, yet so unique and breathtakingly brilliant. In the words of Monty Python, it was something completely different!

This networking event was Ubiquity PR’s City Social. Held at 26 Bold Street in Liverpool, the event was to promote the Modigliani Opera Exhibition. This exhibition is to promote and celebrate the work of Amedeo Modigliani, using 4K videos, cinema screens and VR (virtual reality) technology, to provide an immersive and interactive presentation of the artist’s life and work.

Who is Amedeo Modigliani?

Born in the Italian city of Livorno in July 1884, Amedeo Modigliani is a painter and sculptor. Well know for creating portraits and nudes of a distinctive individual style, Modigliani’s works, which although not greatly received at the time, have since soared in critical appreciation and recognition of his artistic talent. In addition, Modigliani was also interested in poetry and developed acquaintances with notable artists and writers including Pablo Picasso, Jean Cocteau and Max Jacob.

Despite his success, Modigliani’s life was also plagued by ill-health, sadly resulting in his death in January 1920 from tubercular meningitis. Such a tragic end was compounded when his fiancé Jeanne Hebuterne committed suicide two days after his death, whilst eight-months pregnant with their second child.

There was plenty I admired about the exhibition. Firstly, I was amazed by how VR was used to present Modigliani’s life and work, which made me feel as if I was in his presence. A second reason was that I liked how the venue was specifically adapted, with the low lighting, shades of darkness and the 4K video screens, giving an atmosphere and a sense of mystique to the exhibition. It was something I had never experienced previously, and it enhanced the exhibition beyond my expectations.

In summary, the exhibition was a delight, as I was impressed with how it brought Modigliani’s work to life before your eyes and ears, making this a powerful educational experience. As well as absorbing the art and culture, there was also the opportunity to network with familiar faces. This helped to nicely compliment the exhibition, meaning I was able to absorb plenty from an educational evening, making this very pleasant to attend.

If you are a fan of Modigliani’s work, a lover of art and culture, or just curious to find out more, I really recommend attending the exhibition. Even better is that it runs till Monday 30th September, so you can order tickets here.

I would like to thank everyone involved with the exhibition. These include Joel Jelen and everyone at Ubiquity PR, as well as the award-winning The Italian Club for providing the catering. My special thanks also go to the representatives of the Fondazione Amedeo Modigliani. This is for providing a great multimedia exhibition, and for sharing their knowledge about Amedeo Modigliani’s work. You can find more about their work here.


Ubiquity City Social – El Pecado

Last week, I attended the Ubiquity City Social networking event at El Pecado. Located and hidden away on Bold Street in the heart of Liverpool’s Ropewalks, this cosy little Spanish eatery provided an ideal backdrop, to a delightful evening of networking. It was a lovely event to attend, and I came away afterwards not only impressed with the networking, but also of the venue and its homely surroundings.

Arriving at the event early, I was greeted with friendly welcomes and smiles. This was followed by refreshments including tapas that was tasty enough, to satisfy the hungry and salivating appetites. Other refreshments included glasses of sangria and wine, which was certainly popular with several attendees.

The event featured an interesting mix of people. Naturally there were several familiar faces, including some I had not seen for a long while, and I was also delighted to meet some new faces too. These included Heather Anderson of The Hive Youth Zone, Russell Gannon of Baltic Triangle Area CIC and Jane Slinger-Brennan of Rutherford Diagnostics. It was interesting to listen to their stories about what they do, which not only gave me food for thought, but also some potential ideas for future blogging content (watch this space).

El Pecado was a homely yet atmospheric restaurant. This is because I noticed how the tables and chairs were neatly arranged closely to each other. I also noticed the low-hanging lights on the ceiling and the closeness of the kitchen, which gave a sense of intimacy. In my opinion, El Pecado has the feeling and touch of an old-fashioned family-run restaurant with a soul and sense of comfort, fitting in nicely within the unique community and vibrant surroundings of Bold Street.

My thanks go to Joel Jelen and everyone at Ubiquity PR for organising a fine networking event. I also would like to thank the staff of El Pecado for the tapas, the sangria and the other refreshments, which all helped to make for a lovely evening.

Thanks for reading!

Ubiquity February Social – Tuesday 7th February 2017

Last Tuesday, I was delighted to attend Ubiquity PR’s February Social event. Held at HOST Restaurant on Hope Street in Liverpool’s Georgian Quarter, this featured guests from different organisations. These included representatives from organisations such as the Morgan Foundation, United Utilities and Liverpool Community Health Trust.

The purpose of the event was to promote All Together Now, which is a charity newspaper for everyone, especially those affected by health and disability. Founded and edited by Tom Dowling, All Together Now commands a readership of 500,000 people, to promote social inclusion for everyone from all walks of life.

When I arrived at the event, my first reaction was seeing through the window, how busy the event looked. As I walked through the door, the atmosphere felt relaxing and informal, setting the tone for a very good evening. Complimented by the fine surroundings of HOST, the event consisted of delicious Pan-Asian canapés, a prize draw and plenty of networking opportunities.

In addition, I also remember vividly Ubiquity’s Joel Jelen speak passionately about raising the profile of All Together Now. I was also delighted to speak to Tom, who was a kind gentleman, with a quiet confidence and dignity.

Since the event, I have read about the origins of All Together Now and I salute Tom’s courage and determination to overcome adversity. To use his personal experience, to help others is an inspiration to many. As a disabled person myself, I can identify with Tom’s passion to help inspire, challenge and change disability attitudes for the better. Therefore I consider it a privilege to write this article, and play my part in helping Tom in his quest, to raise the profile of the charity.

To conclude, I would like to thank Joel and everyone at Ubiquity, as well as HOST and Zut Media, for an excellent evening. I would also like to personally thank Tom for his excellent work, of which I support wholeheartedly.

Networking with Ubiquity – Tuesday 17th January 2017

On a freezing and drizzly evening last Tuesday, I attended a networking event at JAM restaurant. Organised by Ubiquity PR, the event turned out to be an enjoyable occasion, held in an informal atmosphere, with an excellent turnout of people.

Located on St Thomas Street in Liverpool, JAM provides a variety of menus, ranging from brunch, dinner, evening and afternoon tea. When I arrived at the venue, I immediately noticed that the surroundings had a calm ambience, due to the colour scheme of white floors, purple walls and comfortable leather furnishings. These gave a soft and welcoming sight, which helped to generate a relaxing feel to the event.

I also enjoyed the canapés provided, which varied from smoked salmon to goat’s cheese. Whilst I don’t consider myself to be the next A. A. Gill, I found them to be delicious in taste and feel, which indicated they were quality ingredients and prepared, with a lot of tender loving care and effort.

The event itself was a very pleasant experience from start to finish. From the innate professionalism and kindness of the staff, to the interesting mix of people, there were several highlights of the event that stood out for me. These included catching up with familiar faces, and the exchanging of handshakes and stories with new ones.

One memorable highlight for me was an engaging conversation that I had with Kevin Byrne, who is the fundraising manager for Mencap Liverpool. Kevin talked to me about the work that Mencap does for people with learning difficulties, and I talked about my autism, and of my achievement in taking part in last year’s Scouse 5k run, to raise money for Maghull Young Adults Social Club. This is an ideal example of how you can find out what common interests you have with others, through networking.

I would like to thank several people, for a fine evening of networking. These include Joel Jelen and everyone at Ubiquity PR, along with Ray Farley for his superb photography work. Finally I would like to extend my thanks to Joe and Anne-Marie Matthews, and everyone at JAM for their kind hospitality, which helped to make the evening a success.