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Masters Carpe Diem Club – Wednesday 27th July 2016

Have you seen Dead Poets Society?

Those who have watched the film, will know the late Robin Williams plays a teacher, who utters the words “Carpe Diem” to his students. This is a Latin aphorism, translated usually as “seize the day”, meaning to enjoy the present time, and to make the most of it.

I am saying this, because I would like to tell you about a similar experience, that I had at an event, last week.

It all began nearly two weeks ago. I received a LinkedIn message out of the blue from John Haynes, the founder and MD of the International Coaching Academy (ICA) in Liverpool. It was an invitation, to a Masters Carpe Diem Club event, to be held at the ICA on the Wednesday evening. I realised that it was too good an opportunity to decline, and instantly confirmed my acceptance.

In the Liverpool business community, John is not only an experienced and inspirational coach, but as a human being, he is also a gentleman. In addition, John is also a marvellous storyteller, and I was looking forward to devouring his teachings with relish.

I had previously done an Accelerated Learning course five years previously, at a time when I was looking for my first job in IT. Being coached by John Haynes on the course boosted my confidence, and awakened my enthusiasm to continually learn. Since then, I have not only become aware of the importance of self-development, but I also approach learning with a sense of enjoyment, positivity and enthusiasm. This is why I enjoy working in IT, networking, and writing this blog. I love learning, interacting with people, sharing stories, and most importantly helping them.

The event covered several aspects related to self-development, from adapting to changes, self-responsibility and having specific goals (career, health, family). There were also other memorable points that I learned and understood. Included below, all the points listed are applicable for everyone, regardless of person, position or profession.

  1. Time is our most precious resource.
  2. You must constantly invest in your brain, through your own endeavours.
  3. Remember to have a balanced life.
  4. A positive attitude and support network is needed to bounce back from disappointments.
  5. Keep up with constant changes.
  6. You need to have heart in what you do.
  7. The average person uses only 1-2% of the brain’s potential.

I was impressed by John’s knowledge, positivity, warmth, experience and the delivery of his coaching. Listening to him, I found myself drawn in and feeling relaxed and attentive. As I came away from the event, not only did I feel good about myself, but I had learned from a master coach.

When I recall the event, I think of the comfortable green sofas in the training room. This includes the pictures, inspirational quotes and colourful mind map diagrams, that adorned the walls. With the sight of a few cuddly toys on the floor, this approach to learning makes for a relaxing environment. I also liked meeting and interacting, with a lovely eclectic mix of fellow attendees. Certainly I hope they found the event inspirational as I did!

Rather than conclude normally, I will like to leave you with these two words.

Carpe Diem!