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Looking Ahead to the International Festival of Business 2016

Next month sees the return of the International Festival of Business, to the city of Liverpool.

Starting on Monday 13th June, the festival consists of three-weeks of high-profile conventions, exhibitions and conferences, from manufacturing, digital technology and much more. In addition, the festival will also feature many distinguished keynote speakers, as part of the Blue Skies programme.

In addition, there is also The Edge 2016, organised by Liverpool Enterprise Partnership (LEP). This is the official fringe festival that runs alongside IFB2016. Consisting of different types of industry-related events, the purpose of The Edge is to enable local businesses and entrepreneurs to derive and gain beneficial knowledge, which will allow them to grow and develop.

From my perspective, I remember the positive buzz of the last IFB, which was a fantastic occasion for Liverpool. Once again, I am looking forward to seeing through my own eyes and ears, the positive benefits the festival will bring to Liverpool. Examples of such benefits include the magnificent setting of Exhibition Centre Liverpool, and the contribution to the local economy, through increased footfall and hotel bookings. Most importantly, the festival provides a launch pad for businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals to get involved, collaborate, innovate and develop together as a community.

As you read this article, you might be asking yourself the question “What can IFB2016 do for me?” The answer is that the IFB has a Business Club, which you can register for.  By signing up, the festival allows you to make use of additional benefits available to you, and it is free to register too.

You can register for the IFB 2016 Business Club, by clicking on the link below.

Finally, I would like to wish Max Steinberg and everyone involved with the IFB and The Edge 2016, all the very best. I am certain that Liverpool will once again deliver, enhance and cement the city’s growing reputation, as a place to do business on the global stage.