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Weightmans Wednesday – Capital of Culture 10th Anniversary

2018 marks a decade since Liverpool was voted European Capital of Culture. Since 2008, it has transformed the city, and like millions of others, I have seen this through my own eyes, filling my heart with nothing but pride.

Last month, I had the pleasure of attending an event held at Weightmans LLP in Liverpool. The event featured an interesting presentation from Robin Kemp of Culture Liverpool, about Capital of Culture’s impact on the city, the upcoming 10th anniversary, and of the future cultural plans for Liverpool.

There was a rich tapestry of information that I learned about Capital of Culture. From the success of events such as the Giants Spectacular, Three Cunard Queens, Liverpool Biennial and Liverpool Pride, the effects of such a prestigious accolade cannot be underestimated. The impact of Capital of Culture, has boosted the local economy, and increased the city’s tourism profile, culminating in Liverpool being named as one of the top holiday destinations to visit in 2018.

Robin also briefly talked about Liverpool 2018, which is a year-long festival of programmes. The purpose of Liverpool 2018 is to celebrate the city’s cultural and creative heritage, and also to plan for and build upon the next decade. The festival includes events such as the Chinese Terracotta Warriors, Three Festivals Tall Ships Regatta, Bordeaux Wine Festival, Future World of Work, Liverpool International Music Festival 2018 and many more interesting events. Looking at what Liverpool 2018 offers, this promises to be a creative, innovative and thought-provoking programme, which will showcase the city’s creativity to a national and international audience.

Capital of Culture has also helped Liverpool to attract new investment. This is evident through the development and success of major conference attractions held at ECHO Arena Liverpool and Exhibition Centre Liverpool, which has attracted major UK and international events. Such examples including the 2016 Labour Party Conference, MTV European Music Awards 2008, BBC Sports Personality of the Year, and the International Business Festival, amongst many other high profile events.

To conclude, I would like to express my thanks to Robin for giving a great presentation, and for whetting my cultural appetite. Finally I would also like to thank everyone at Weightmans, for organising an entertaining evening of culture, networking and conversation.

Bring on the next ten years, and beyond!


Weightmans Wednesday – Culture Liverpool

Since hosting European Capital of Culture in 2008, Liverpool’s rich cultural tapestry has been promoted and celebrated with great enthusiasm. From events such as the Giants Spectacular, Liverpool International Music Festival, One Magnificent City and the Three Queens, the city has seen the number of visitors skyrocket. However all of the above requires massive effort and commitment from organisations such as Culture Liverpool, to make these occasions possible.

Last Wednesday evening, I braved the cold December weather to attend Weightmans Wednesday. Held at their Liverpool office, the event included a talk by Alicia Smith and Jen Falding of Culture Liverpool, where they discussed the work done by the organisation in promoting the city’s cultural heritage. As usual the Weightmans Wednesday event attracted an excellent turnout, meaning opportunities to socialise and network over festive nibbles and drinks (including delicious mulled wine).

It was very interesting to hear Jen and Alicia discuss how Cuweeping_windowlture Liverpool secured and organised the Giants Spectacular and the Weeping Window. The latter is an iconic cascade of handmade poppies beautifully created by artist Paul Cummins and designed by Tom Piper, which marks the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War. Listening to them talk about the Weeping Window at St George’s Hall, reminded me of how beautiful it was to look at, and yet emotionally moving at the same time. The Weeping Window is a stunning exhibition which has now had over 250,000 visitors, and it is a fitting tribute to remember those who fought in the war.

In addition, Jen and Alicia also talked about how Culture Liverpool supports arts organisations, businesses and communities across the city. This is done by working with public, private and third sector organisations, to help get people involved in the arts. Through this, they are able to explore the cultural history, architecture and art of Liverpool, through libraries, universities, museums, activities and events.

Culture Liverpool’s economic impact on the city has been incredible. Despite cuts and reduced funding, this year alone Liverpool has hosted 4 major events, in addition to approx 1.7m visitors and 54 cruise ships bringing in 81,000 passengers. This has resulted in an economic benefit of £41m of revenue into the city. As for the future, I am confident that Culture Liverpool can continue to thrive in such difficult times by working closely with support partners, employers and communities.

To conclude, I would like to thank Jen and Alicia for a wonderful talk, which brought back some lovely memories. Sitting in the audience as they spoke, I felt a warm sense of glowing pride, as personal recollections of the Three Queens came flooding back, which you can find here. As a proud Scouser, I appreciate and acknowledge the great work Culture Liverpool does in promoting the city’s heritage to a wider audience. Finally I would also like to thank Weightmans for once again organising an excellent event.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!