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Cassell Moore Business Networking Event – Thursday 25th February 2016

Last Thursday, I attended a business networking event for young professionals organised by Cassell Moore. Held at The Club House, a brand new restaurant overlooking Chavasse Park, the event was organised by some of the firm’s trainee solicitors and paralegals. This was the first time they had organised such an event, which turned out to be a very enjoyable evening for me.

When I arrived at The Club House, I could not help but admire the surroundings and the decorative New England style interiors. In my opinion, the venue fitted the mood and atmospheric feel of the event perfectly. I also noticed the upstairs balcony, and I can only imagine the beautiful views of blue skies and sunsets descending over the Albert Dock, that hopefully await customers in the summer months. Such potential views can only be described as picturesque.

The event itself was a lovely experience. The warm smiles and the friendly professionalism of the Cassell Moore representatives as I arrived were a delight to converse with. The Club House also provided tasty food and drinks and there was also musicians playing the guitar, adding a nice touch to the mix, whilst also allowing for the opportunity to meet and link with other professionals. This contributed to a jovial, informal and pleasant atmosphere, which is essential for successful networking.

As well all networking events, there is the inevitable catch-up with familiar faces and this was no exception. It was a pleasure to catch up with some of my fellow MYP (Merseyside Young Professionals) members, and other acquaintances, but I also met some new faces, and listened eagerly to their stories. An example was Catherine Rainey from International Festival of Business 2016, who shared with me her story about the IFB delegation’s recent trip to 11 Downing Street (you can read about it on her blog here).

In summary, my experience of the event is a positive one. Not only was it well attended, with good entertainment and refreshments, but I was impressed with how it had been put together, which takes plenty of hard work and organisation. Therefore I would like to thank Jennifer Miles, Grace Murphy, Jessica Le Brocq and everyone else involved from Cassell Moore, as well as the musicians, and the staff at The Club House for a successful and delightful evening of networking.