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Asentiv Business Community Launch Event – A Review

Last week, I attended the Asentiv Business Community Launch Event, at the Cotton Exchange Building in Liverpool. Held by Asentiv’s Dave Verburg in collaboration with Professional Liverpool, the purpose of the event was to explain the group’s aims, which is to develop a welcoming and supportive community for business owners and professionals. This is through a combination of networking, personal and business development, public speaking and coaching, to help businesses and professionals become more productive and fulfil their potential.

The event itself was very informal and welcoming, with a community-like feel. Having attended many networking events, I firmly believe like with everything else, there is always something new to learn. I am delighted to say this event was no exception, as Dave gave such an informative talk with a warm and clear tone.

In addition, Dave also gave some useful tips with regards to networking. What impressed me was his genuine passion and enthusiasm for networking and connecting businesses and people. Indeed, some of the points raised helped to reinforce both my own networking knowledge, and my understanding that networking is about helping each other, and how you present yourself when doing so. These tips which I learned include the following below.

  1. Describe yourself by the verb (by the difference you make) and not by the noun.
  2. Understand who you are looking for and what you can do for them.
  3. What do your ideal clients look like?
  4. Separate yourself from others and stand out for the right reasons.
  5. Make sure you know what people want emotionally, meaning you need to develop deep connections by getting to know them well.
  6. You need to be where your clients are.
  7. You become important in people’s worlds if you become a connector.

The last two points listed really struck a chord with me. Having attended many events over the years, I have always tried to develop deep and meaningful connections, but like many I have fallen into the trap of pursuing quantity of connections rather than quality. Thankfully I have seen this as an area of development, and I am grateful for Dave reinforcing this point. Secondly, I have always strived to help others when networking, and it is important to be reminded of this.

I was also impressed with the structure of the event. As well as open networking at the beginning and at the end, there was also a group discussion and opportunities for all attendees to introduce themselves, their businesses and what they were looking for. With a lovely and supportive group, everyone was made to feel welcome and equally contribute to the discussions and interact together.

Overall, I was delighted to attend this launch event. Stepping out into the bright morning walking through Exchange Flags afterwards, I believe that with Asentiv and Professional Liverpool collaborating on future events, this can only be a great benefit for the local business community. To conclude, I am confident and sincerely hope that it grows and develops a positive and fulfilling impact on Merseyside businesses and professionals.