Creative Kitchen & YouTube – My Thoughts & Recollections

The Internet has changed how content is created. As a powerful open-platform, YouTube has allowed anyone with an idea and an Internet connection to create videos, build an audience, and engage with brands. This means YouTube has disrupted the world as we know it, allowing people to bypass traditional media, and to view and create unique content.

I recently attended an event organised by Creative Kitchen and YouTube. Held at Avenue HQ in Liverpool, the event was to inspire people and businesses to harness the power of YouTube, engage with audiences and to grow their brands. I was very keen to find out more about the possibilities that YouTube offers, and how it has rewritten the rules, making anything possible to achieve.

Delivered by YouTube’s Lucy Banks, the event was a delight for me to attend and learn from. I found this to be a fascinating insight into how YouTube has not only been successful, but also as a call to arms for businesses and individuals to create fresh content to learn, educate, inform and entertain through storytelling that breaks boundaries.

I have included some YouTube facts below.

  1. 2 billion people visit YouTube every month.
  2. 100 countries have YouTube available in more than 80 languages worldwide.
  3. 40% of shoppers have purchased products through discovering them on YouTube.
  4. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine and is also the world’s largest R&D platform.
  5. The number of channels earning six-figure sums per year on YouTube is up by 25%.

The event also featured talks from Christian Hughes, Andy Castell and Lucy Wood who are successful YouTube creators from Liverpool. Each explained about their YouTube journey, and how they harnessed their individual passions for gaming, toddler learning, and fashion into videos, to engage and develop a positive and supportive community. I was greatly impressed with Christian, Andy and Lucy, as I recognised their enthusiasm for using YouTube to share their passions and stories, whilst helping others. I recognised this as I listened, because I sensed their personalities radiating with authenticity, from the words they spoke.

Another common thread that I noticed with Christian, Andy and Lucy, was they all shared a genuine love for their work, and for putting the effort into making interesting content. I found this refreshing because it is easy to fall into the trap of creating videos on YouTube purely for money, which is a sure-fire route to failure. This is because if you are not authentic, passionate, or lack knowledge about your subject, then it is much harder to connect with audiences, as you are not being yourself.

In addition, it can be hard and stressful to create content. As a blogger, I relate to and understand this, as you need to create content that reflects your true personality, interests, values, and has a human touch. Finally, I also learned some other interesting points from the event, which are listed below.

  1. You can learn to do anything on YouTube.
  2. People can find something on YouTube they cannot find anywhere else.
  3. Use your passion to make an emotional connection.
  4. Bigger businesses are at a disadvantage.
  5. The fundamentals of marketing remain the same.
  6. Content must be authentic.
  7. People are always looking for fresh content.
  8. With an open platform, there is also open responsibility.

There are plenty of opportunities that YouTube offers. From developing your brand, engaging with audiences through videos that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, an Internet connection and an idea is a starting point, to getting the best out of the platform.

To get the best out of YouTube, ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you stand for?
  3. What stories to you want to share?
  4. What is the value you bring to the world?

In summary, this was an excellent event full of learning and creative energy, from start to finish. I enjoyed listening to the speakers, and of how they turned their hobbies into content that connects with audiences. Therefore, my thanks go to everyone at Creative Kitchen, along with Lucy Banks and all the speakers, as this event has given me creative inspiration, which is encapsulated in the words represented below.

Do What You Can’t!


4 thoughts on “Creative Kitchen & YouTube – My Thoughts & Recollections

  1. Claire Roach

    I’m a blogger and starting to think about using youtube to promote, I think I need to attend some workshops to try and get my head around it all.

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