Taking the Occasional Break

I recently returned from a holiday in Orlando with my family (and no, I was not caught up in Hurricane Irma). With hot weather, laughs, roller coasters and Disney fireworks galore, I not only enjoyed myself, but it was lovely to spend precious time with the family, and visit the wonderful sights including the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Busch Gardens and Universal Studios. All of this allowed me to rest and recharge my batteries, whilst exploring and educating myself on American culture, such as pancakes for breakfast, sports bars, and flea markets.

As professionals, there are occasions when we need to take a short rest, by switching off and recuperating, with little distractions. To achieve this, I cut myself off from LinkedIn and any professional e-mails, to focus on enjoying myself with my family, as well as making the most of what Orlando had to offer. Feeling the warm Florida sunshine and surroundings was so stimulating, that I was so immersed in my holiday and I hardly thought about working or networking.

Taking time away from the trenches of professional life is important for mind, body and soul. The reason is that if we want to remain at our optimum best, we must remember to take an occasional break to unwind and relax, wherever it is in Orlando, Ibiza, Cornwall, or just from the comfort of your own home. It is about taking a short time to do something enjoyable, or completely different, before returning with renewed energy and vigour, and in my case a good tan.

As for Orlando, I will honestly say with a full heart and contented mind, that it was a great experience. This was despite feeling physically fatigued toward the end, due to the constant travelling to and from the resorts, but the great times, laughs and memories was certainly well worth it all.


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