Weightmans Wednesday – Clapperboard UK

Film and TV as a medium for storytelling has a real power. A power to make us laugh, cry and question through moving images, crafted by talent in front and behind the camera. Film and TV has the powerful ability to give people a voice, allowing them to express themselves creatively.

There are thousands of children and adults from disadvantaged backgrounds that feel isolated, troubled and without a voice. They feel unable to speak out on social and moral issues, which affect themselves, their families and their communities. At last week’s Weightmans Wednesday event, I listened to an interesting talk from Clapperboard UK, a small-successful award winning charity that works to address this.

This consisted of Maureen Sinclair and Colin Farrell (not the actor) talking about Clapperboard’s work. The charity’s purpose is to bring film making creativity and education into local communities across the North West. I learned how the charity works with young people, by giving them confidence and skills through training in-front and behind the camera. I also learned how Clapperboard empowers not only young people, but anyone who is disadvantaged, by giving them a platform to develop and produce issue-led videos from script to screen. These videos focus on important social issues such as racism, drug use, smoking, self-harm, bullying, knife and gang culture.

Maureen and Colin also talked about Clapperboard’s charitable work with schools, charities and organisations. I was really impressed with their work and passion for training young people, and giving themselves and others, a voice and an opportunity to express their creative endeavours.

I also understood that Clapperboard is more than just a youth charity. This is because they also encourage learning through creativity, evidenced through the many videos produced. Therefore the positive impact of the charity’s work cannot be underestimated.

I would like to thank Maureen and Colin for their excellent talk. My thanks also go to everyone at Weightmans for organising the event. This article is a token and a gift of my gratitude to Maureen and Colin. I say this because, as with all non-profit charities, Clapperboard relies on sponsorship and donations for funding. This is achieved through raising awareness of their profile and charitable works, and I sincerely hope this article helps them.

You can find more on Clapperboard’s work here.


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