Appreciating the Simple Things

These are very difficult and testing times that we face today.

From the uncertainty of Brexit, the imminent inauguration of Donald Trump as US President, to the economic anxieties we face, makes for a very uncertain world. Added to the many personal and professional demands placed on our shoulders, modern life is a whirlwind that keeps spinning.

As professionals, we are consistently focused on performing to the highest standards that are expected by businesses, organisations and ourselves. In addition, we are also expected to grow and learn new skills. This is good and vital, as it means that we are kept on our toes, and maintain a regular incentive to grow and perform better.

The downside is that sometimes we can easily forget the simple things in life. Because we are in a continuous mental state of autopilot, we rarely take time to think about and notice what is happening around us. Whilst maintaining a single-minded focus is important for our professional development, there is a risk of neglecting other important things close to us all. These include our personal health, as well as relationships with family and friends. Such forgetfulness and neglect has the potential to cause physical, emotional and mental pain.

It is important to balance working to the best of our abilities, whilst also taking into consideration the need to relax and unwind. The mind and body together can be compared to a Formula One racing car, which needs to be looked after and maintained with tender-loving care. Therefore by making time to recuperate occasionally to recharge our batteries, we can feel positive and energised professionally.

This can be achieved, though practically anything that makes you feel good and happy about yourself. Examples include spending treasured time with family, taking a well-earned holiday, engaging in personal hobbies, or even meeting up with a close friend for coffee or lunch. Taking time to appreciate the simple things in life, not only helps to mentally clear your mind, but it also helps to reaffirm who you are as a person.

Why not give a try?

Thank you for reading!


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