Lime Sky Launch Event – Wednesday 8th June 2016

Last Wednesday, I attended a launch event for Lime Sky, which is a brand new organisation dedicated to supporting businesses from all sectors and industries, to start-ups and established businesses. Held at the Cotton Exchange, this event not only had an excellent turnout, but it was an enjoyable experience for me.

When I attend a new networking event, I like to get a feel for the atmosphere, the surroundings and the quality of the networking. Indeed as I arrived, the atmosphere was lively and warm as the evening sun, with good company, music, cold drinks, American pizzas and nibbles. This was important, as I was able to quickly relax and network with new and familiar faces, including John Haynes of the International Coaching Academy, and Gavin Sherratt from Studio Mashbo.

It was also pleasing to meet and talk with David Axon, the CEO of Lime Sky, and his wife Carolyn. David gave a short speech during the event, that not only thanked everyone for coming, but he also talked about the purpose of Lime Sky, and how they can help businesses. I found myself drawn in and listening, as David spoke in a calm, eloquent and dignified tone of voice, with use of good body language. Through all of this, I sensed his burning passion for his work, and genuine willingness to help others succeed. The latter encapsulates what true networking is all about.

My experience of the event is nothing but positive. It was well organised and put together, with a nice relaxing feel. David, Carolyn and everyone at Lime Sky involved with the event, deserve credit and my thanks, for putting on a fine evening of networking, and for their kindness. I can only imagine what stresses and nerves they must have went through beforehand, hoping for the event to be a success. In my opinion, I will honestly say that it was successful and worthwhile, and I look forward to hopefully attending again.

To conclude, I hope the event has raised Lime Sky’s profile. In the spirit of networking, I like to give back to others, and this article is a gift to them, as a symbol of my gratitude.


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