Learning from Failure – Recollections of last week’s LAB:Failure event

As with everything else in life, there will always be occasions when we fail. What we can do in these situations, is learn how to react positively. This means seeing experiences of failure as opportunities, rather than disasters, thus allowing us to learn and become better at what we do.

I am writing about learning from failure, because I attended an interesting event on this subject, last Wednesday. Organised by LAB, this event touched on encountering and learning from failure, which included speakers from different backgrounds. These speakers were Emily Karatay from LAB, Andrew Beattie from Wordscapes, Steve Todd from Studio Mashbo, Collette King from First Ark Group and Leon Rossiter from Instinctive Digital. Each had their own personal stories of learning from failure, which were not only useful for me to listen to, but some stories had me emotionally hooked.

So what did I learn about failure and responding to it? On reflection, the key lesson for me was to treat such experiences as opportunities to learn more about myself, understand and become a better person, both personally and professionally. Another important lesson is that you must be willing to learn from failure to become successful, which is a vital ingredient for entrepreneurs.

Other useful points I learned from the event included:

1. If you love what you do, you cannot really fail.
2. Do something that gets you up in the morning.
3. You must be willing to adapt to changes and challenges, both internal and external.
4. Have a positive attitude and a personal network to support you.
5. Share your stories with others.
6. Important to be focused on what you do.
7. You need to fail before you can succeed.
8. Be honest with yourself and others.

From all of the above, I felt the event was extremely worthwhile. This was not just for networking, but to hear the speakers talk openly and honestly about failures experienced, and how they learned from them was inspirational and thought provoking. Since the event, I have thought long and hard about what I learned, and I now understand that failure does not have to be viewed as damaging. What is important is how you respond, as your experiences of failure are opportunities for you to learn.

To conclude, I would like to thank Robyn Dooley and Emily Karatay from LAB, all the speakers, and also to Felipe Gimenez from Spain is Delicious for the delicious nibbles. Everyone played their part in making the event an enjoyable and heartfelt experience.

LAB is a community to provide support for people to personally and professionally develop. This is through attending events, sharing topics, opportunities and connecting like-minded people. You can find out more on Twitter at @thisislabuk.


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