KTN Entrepreneur’s Forum – Driving Growth through Business Model Innovation

As times change, businesses need to adapt and innovate constantly. With technology driving changes, this means that innovation is required for businesses and organisations, to drive growth and develop organically.

Last Wednesday, I attended an interesting Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) Entrepreneur’s forum, held at Launch22, on this very subject. Although I am not a business owner or entrepreneur, I believe the principles of adopting innovation is just as necessary for personal development, in order to become more productive.

As with previous events, there was the usual opportunities for networking and nibbles (in this case giant pizzas!), before listening to three excellent speakers. These speakers were Ian Tracey from KTN, Mark Russell from Bmicro, and Peter Lang from Giggle Software. Each speaker talked about different aspects to consider when innovating your business. These ranged from starting off your business, doing something you enjoy that will also earn you money, as well as ensuring your business is nimble enough to adapt and change quickly. Listening to all three was a real pleasure, as each talked in good informative detail that was understandable and jargon-free, allowing me to understand easily.

I was particularly taken with Peter’s story. Listening to him talk about starting up Giggle Software to develop video games, resulting from his passion for drawing and illustrating from a young age, was a delight to listen to. Seeing such enthusiasm is what makes attending these events so worthwhile to me. You can have find out more about Peter’s work here.

Other useful points mentioned included the following:

  1. Be careful on how many freebies you give away.
  2. Have the confidence to ask for money for your product.
  3. Excellent customer service is paramount, as you need to stand out from others, for the right reasons.
  4. You are not just selling a product, but the experience you provide.
  5. Be selective with the information that you share, as others can steal your ideas.
  6. Important to collaborate and meet with others.
  7. Look at what the competition are doing.
  8. Collect feedback on your business and act on it!

Following the talk, there were opportunities for further discussion between attendees. This was my favourite part of the evening, as it allowed me to listen, contribute and learn from others. The discussions along with the excellent talks given by the speakers, made for a quality event, and as I left afterwards, I thought about what I had learned from the evening, regarding innovating business models, in order to change, adapt and grow.

In conclusion, I would like to thank Ian, Mark and Peter for giving a very informative and interesting talk. In addition, my thanks also go to Laura Thomas and Celina Ploskonka of Freshly Squeezed, as well as KTN and Launch22, for a successful forum.


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