Preparing for Promotion – MYP Breakfast Meeting – 21st April 2016

The race to climb to the top of the tree is highly competitive. In today’s corporate jungle, there is so much required of professionals, in order to put themselves in pole position for promotion.

Last Thursday, I attended a Merseyside Young Professionals (MYP) breakfast presentation at DLA Piper LLP’s Liverpool offices called “Preparing for Promotion”. The purpose of this was to highlight the skills needed by professionals, to enhance their chances of achieving promotion. As a professional, my curiosity was captured and drawn to this opportunity to learn and broaden my personal development further.20160421_081235

Delivered by Simon Bernstein of Empathy Communications, this presentation was a fascinating insight into the qualities needed for career progression. I have attended similar personal development sessions previously, but it is just as important to refresh and consolidate existing learning, as much as it is to understand newly acquired knowledge. The above was my experience of the presentation, and I am delighted to say that it was extremely valuable and worthwhile.

Simon talked a great deal about the skills required. These included the importance of personal branding, positive attitude, creative thinking, focusing on clients and overcoming self-limiting beliefs. As he talked, it made me think about what I had previously learned about overcoming self-limiting beliefs. This made me realise that we must continually push out of our individual comfort zones, to develop both as people and as professionals.

Other points I learned included the following below.

  1. Important to be proactive.
  2. You must develop and nurture excellent client relationships.
  3. Personally invest time in your own development.
  4. Your personal brand is your reputation.
  5. Think creatively about how you make yourself stand out from others.
  6. Only yourself can identify and remove self-limiting beliefs.
  7. Get a portfolio together (CV, LinkedIn profile, achievements, testimonials).
  8. Future-proof your career by keeping an eye on changing trends and skills requirements.
  9. Demonstrate that you are capable of working at a higher level.
  10. Identify what you have done inside and outside of work that is extraordinary.

Through the points mentioned above, the running theme I learned from the presentation is the importance of taking personal responsibility. This means that you are solely responsible for everything you do, and that actions and achievements carry more weight than words. Therefore it is how you are perceived both internally and externally that determine your chances of moving up the corporate ladder.

To conclude, I really enjoyed the presentation, as it was not only well delivered and presented, but it was also refreshing to hear Simon highlight and share his knowledge. I found Simon to be extremely knowledgeable, and also inspirational and interesting to listen to. As he spoke, my ears were straining to soak up his words, faster than I could write up my notes!


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