A Night at the Everyman – Thursday 18th February 2016

In the capital of culture that is Liverpool, an opportunity to visit any our fine theatres and come away feeling entertained and moved at the same time, is certainly worth taking.

Last Thursday, I attended the Liverpool Everyman with Merseyside Young Professionals (MYP), to see The Massive Tragedy of Madame Bovary, an adaptation of Gustave Flaubert’s 19th century classic novel. Not only did I enjoy the play, but I found it to be an experience of constantly swinging emotions, from laughter to sadness.20160218_181905

I had previously been to the Everyman, to see A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Therefore, I was once again looking forward to a fine evening of theatre. As I arrived suited and booted, I remembered how stylish and modern the revamped Everyman now looks, making it a shining jewel in Liverpool’s cultural crown. Before the play, there was time for complimentary pre-show drinks, nibbles and networking with fellow MYP members.

I must confess that I had not read the novel beforehand, as I wanted to discover the story before my own eyes. This was the right decision, as I found myself falling into a world of love, comedy and emotional pathos, where I could not take my eyes of the action. Indeed as the play unfolded, I laughed at the funny moments and was really moved at the touching ones. In addition, the excellent performances of the actors, the lighting and the usage of visual effects, allowed me to interpret and visualise the story in my own mind.

On reflection, I loved every moment of the evening from start to finish. Many thanks to all the cast and crew, and everyone else behind the scenes, for putting on an excellent show. In addition, thanks to MYP Committee member Leanne Dolan from Hill Dickinson, for her excellent work in organising the event.

To conclude, the best compliment I can pay is that after experiencing such a rollercoaster ride, I felt emotionally drained afterwards. This was because I had been from one extreme to the other, and I was silent all the way home, contemplating and reflecting on what I had seen.

I would have not have missed a single moment, for I loved it all!


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