The Art of Computing – Tuesday 8th December 2015

To begin with, I would like you to answer the question below.

What is your first impression of those who work in IT?

I am asking this because it is easy to regard IT as an industry that can put off many newcomers, from wanting to explore further. As a result this means, those who work in IT are likely to be considered as working in a world of hard logic, consisting of ones and zeros. This perception of IT can have the effect of putting off potential practitioners. However there is more to IT than meets the eye, for the industry is actually more creative than many realise. This is because the design and development of new hardware, software and data products require creative thinking and a willingness to think differently, beyond the norm.

Last Tuesday, I attended a lecture delivered by Professor Mark Anderson of Edge Hill University. The purpose of this lecture was to explore how IT can be as exciting, as any creative art form. Another reason I had for attending, was that Mark was a lecturer of whom I had studied under, during my Masters Degree at the university a few years previously. Therefore I saw this as an opportunity to listen to what he had to say, and to see other faces from my Edge Hill past.

The lecture was a real eye-opener for me. As I listened to Mark speak about how IT can be creative and exciting, I sensed his burning enthusiasm for his subject, driven by adrenaline as he spoke with passionate energy, as well as my mind opening up. This was expanded upon through examples of how computing is as creative as any art form, such as Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) now commonplace in Hollywood cinema and modern video games. I also learned about how computer, hardware, software and data can be used as artistic tools to build things that we can interact with. Finally I also learned that coding is an expressive artistic form for a programmer, as it allows them to experiment and try things in differently.

To conclude, I wish to thank Mark for delivering an interesting lecture, and for showing computer programming to me in a completely different light, as an art form. In my opinion computing is more than just logic and binary code (1’s and 0’s). As computing changes, the need for creative people in IT, to design and create new exciting ideas is extremely important. Therefore creativity in computing needs to be encouraged.

What do you think?


One thought on “The Art of Computing – Tuesday 8th December 2015

  1. stringy99

    Excellent peace this Ben, Technology is at it’s most exciting, innovative and disruptive… technology is touching lives in so many ways – and good technology, deployed well can genuinely change lives… the creative use of technology is creating new businesses paradigms on almost a daily basis, the likes of Uber and Airbnb are great examples of using technology to completely change very traditional industries.

    Great piece and bang on the money, I’d say.




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