Launch22 Liverpool Launch Networking Party – 1st October 2015

Last Thursday, I attended the official launch party of Launch22 in Liverpool. Originating in London, Launch22 is a joint venture between Launchpad Labs and Catch22, which is a social business charity that provides services to support those from disadvantaged backgrounds. You can find more information about Catch22 here.

My experience of the launch party reminded me of the positive vibes and enthusiasm, that is firing the growing number of start-up businesses in Liverpool. Through my eyes, I witnessed a sense of pride, passion and boundless determination so emotionally overwhelming, that I looked on with admiration.

When I arrived at the refurbished Tempest Building on Tithebarn Street, I thought I knew what to expect. Yet, once I arrived, the creative layout and atmosphere inside Launch22’s premises blew away my preconceptions. I caught the sight of entrepreneurs working in an informal and relaxed Branson-like environment, surrounded by table tennis and table football. And instead of a hammock, there was a swing mounted to the ceiling, which was all unique and brilliant to see! The workplace of the future perhaps?

The launch party itself was a really lovely occasion, with an interesting mix of guests. These included entrepreneurs, mentors, local councillors and professionals (including me) from different industry sectors. As the party had an Oktoberfest theme, with the usual mix of drinks and networking, there were also pretzels and a barbecue held in the Tempest’s rooftop garden. This meant, everyone was served Bratwurst and Sauerkraut hot dogs, under the disappearing Mersey sunset, with live music adding to the party atmosphere. It was a different type of networking event, and I enjoyed every moment of it.

Encouraging and nurturing start-up businesses are important to the UK economy. Through offering incubator services such as workplace, finance and mentor support, Launch22 encourages this by helping people realise their entrepreneurial dreams, regardless of background and socio-economic situation. This is very heartening to see, and it is also a massive vote of confidence in Liverpool, as a city to do business in.

To conclude, I would like to thank Launch22 for coming to Liverpool, realising the potential the city offers, and also for putting on an excellent launch party. I wish them all the very best, and I support their noble endeavours wholeheartedly.

You can find more information on Launch22 and the services they provide here.


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