DWF Liverpool Young Professionals Guest Speaker Event – Wednesday 22nd April 2015

A joy of attending a public lecture or guest speaker event is that you can be inspired by what you hear. Last month’s guest speaker event organised by DWF Liverpool Young Professionals, saw me feel this way.

I was intrigued by this event, as one of the two speakers on the night was Gary Millar. Gary is a successful entrepreneur, city councillor, business and charity champion and a passionate spokesman and supporter of the city of Liverpool. In addition to his brilliant work as former Lord Major of Liverpool, Gary is also an avid user of Twitter, which you can find him at @garymillar.

I have met and listened to Gary speak several times previously. However on this occasion, I listened to him talk about his personal journey, from his Edinburgh background, to his success in business, politics and his passion for charity and helping people. I was moved and speechless, as I listened to his words, which were spoken with such passion, sincerity, eloquence and positivity. Those words chimed with me, as I tried to saviour every word spoken.

The second speaker was Kurt Wilson. Kurt is a director and co-founder of Fuel Station that provides healthy food and nutritious shakes, tailored to the specific requirements of customers, from losing weight to improving health and well being. You can find more information at http://www.fuel-station.co.uk, or on Twitter at @FuelShakes.

Avid watchers of the hit BBC show The Apprentice will remember Kurt as a contestant who was the most successful Scouser, making it to Week 7 of the ninth series in 2014. Like with Gary, I was impressed with Kurt’s story. In addition, I also admired how he bounced back from his Apprentice experience, to build and develop his business, through hard-work, courage, determination and to engage with customers. Indeed one point, I learnt from Kurt is that you can learn from mistakes, which is something we can all keep in mind to remember.

Looking back, I thoroughly enjoyed the event, and with what both speakers had to say. The stories they told the audience certainly not only provided genuine food for thought, but they were a real delight to listen to.


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