Drink and Link Networking – Thursday 26th March

Some networking experiences can be formal and deadly serious, whilst others can be relaxing and informal. Recently, I attended a Drink and Link Networking event at the Fazenda Restaurant in Liverpool, organised by QualitySolicitors Jackson Canter, which turned out to be a really enjoyable experience, from start to finish.

One of the representatives of Jackson Canter told me, that this was their first official Drink and Link event. Therefore, I can only imagine this must have been hard and nerve wracking to organise, put together and advertise. I am delighted to say the turnout was excellent, and I was impressed with how they generated a relaxed atmosphere. This was evident from the start, because being the first to arrive, I was warmly welcomed, and their sincere warmth and kindness, put me at ease very quickly. They even complimented me on my tie! A useful networking tip perhaps?

For me personally, I enjoyed the event because it attracted an large mix of people from different backgrounds. This allowed everyone, including myself, to network and connect with others, through sharing and listening to stories, in a relaxed and informal environment.

Coupled with how well the event was organised, and the delightful nibbles and drinks served by the Fazenda staff, it was a joy to attend. In addition, the fun, kindness, warmth of the representatives of Jackson Canter gave me a warm glow, that I shall always remember. In my opinion, the event was an excellent success, which they should be pleased about. Hopefully they will have been greatly encouraged to organise another event soon.

I hope they do so too!


One thought on “Drink and Link Networking – Thursday 26th March

  1. andrewaabyss

    I thought the event was a success too and it was relaxed whilst professional. It was a pleasure to meet you for the first time Ben, perhaps you should post a picture of your fabulous tie!



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