The Benefits of Apprenticeships

The next generation of school, college and university leavers, face difficulties in making that first step into the workplace, as we face challenging economic times. Coupled with increased costs of higher education, and the burden of student debt, these are hard times for young people moving from education into the labour market.

For employers, recruiting talent to tackle skills gaps and grow business value is complicated. In addition, they face continuous demands to deliver products and services, make profits and satisfy customers. Therefore organisations must balance investing in people and serving customers, within financial constraints.

One solution that is more important today than ever, is apprenticeships. Through apprenticeships, firms train a group of people in a profession within a particular industry that also encompasses study and training. These are an extremely important tool to shape the workforce of the future that brings benefits for both employers and apprentices.

For employers:

Allows them to train up apprentices to address business needs.

  1. Apprentices bring energy, enthusiasm and new ideas.
  2. Opportunities to create long-term business value.
  3. Develop the next generation of managers and leaders.

For apprentices

Earn a regular wage whilst gaining industry experience.

  1. Study for relevant industry qualifications.
  2. Develop individual confidence, personal and technical skills.
  3. Improved future career prospects.

The use of apprenticeships is more than just a pathway into work. It also provides an opportunity, regardless of socio-economic or previous educational background. This allows apprentices to develop their skills through training and gaining industry experience. Apprentices can also develop their personal skills and confidence, by working with people from different backgrounds.

Apprenticeships can be in any industry from IT, Finance, HR, and Engineering to Hairdressing. The possibilities provided by apprenticeships are endless, and they aren’t even restricted to young people, because even more experienced individuals, who fancy a career change, can also be one.

I am passionate about apprenticeships and having been an apprentice myself, I was privileged, to work with some wonderfully talented people. My apprenticeship has helped me grow in confidence and develop my skills both technically and personally. Having now gained a permanent post, through my hard work, commitment and enthusiasm, I am looking forward to the future with optimism and positivity.


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