HS2 for Liverpool? Yes please!

Hello reader!

For my first article, I have decided to write about why I believe Liverpool needs to have High Speed Rail 2.

I am proud of the city of Liverpool, and I am proud to work and serve the people of Liverpool.

My passion is matched by my desire and excitement in how the city is beginning to move forward. The developments of Liverpool One and the ECHO Arena stand as a real testament to this.

With the two examples mentioned above has played a considerable part in the city’s regeneration, these are just the tip of the iceberg. With new hotels, Liverpool Waters and student accommodation schemes are amongst the exciting new redevelopments that represent huge potential for the city to grow economically. In addition, there is huge interest generated in the city, through the recent success of the International Festival of Business 2014. Therefore, it is highly imperative that we capitalise on this.

For this to be done we need to have a world class infrastructure in place. Therefore it is vital for Liverpool’s prosperity is connected to the Government’s proposed HS2 network. This is because; it will help to bring in additional business to Liverpool that will create more jobs, thus bringing in millions of pounds of revenue into the city. HS2 will also increase capacity for freight trains moving goods between the Liverpool and the rest of the UK.

I firmly believe this is a unique opportunity, that we cannot afford to let slip. It is important that as a city, that we make our voices heard on this.

So what can we do? The High Speed Rail Linking Liverpool website contains a wealth of information on the campaign for Liverpool to be included in the HS2 scheme. This includes a petition that you can sign, by clicking on the link here.


4 thoughts on “HS2 for Liverpool? Yes please!

  1. Niki McQuaid

    Excellent Blog Ben – HS2 is necessary to keep Liverpool thriving especially as we now have a magnificent Cruise Terminal to add to the list making Liverpool a gateway to the rest of the world. Putting a link to HS2 would increase the appeal of Liverpool to visitors, businesses and tourists alike. Petition duly signed and shared on LinkedIn.


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